iPad 6 Channel PRE AMP kit

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 The "iPad 6 Channel PRE AMP kit" includes everything you need to use any iPad with Lighting connector or USB-C, as a stand alone car stereo with your aftermarket amplifiers.

 The diagram below shows how the iPad will connect to your aftermarket amplifiers using the six channel option.

- Belkin iPad audio output with charging dongle (Lighting or USB-C)
- 3.5mm to RCA cable 
- Car charger with female 12 volt cigarette lighter socket (to hide charger)
- Charging cable 
- Dash mountable volume knob
- Audio Control Matrix Plus

* Additional power wires, connectors and RCA cable will be needed for installation. Consult hardware manuals.
- Matrix Plus Manual

 Cable lengths will depend on where you decide to mount the pre-amp and where your amplifiers are mounted.