iPad Lighting micro amp Package

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 The "iPad Lighting micro amp Package" includes everything you need to use any iPad with Lighting connector, as a stand alone car stereo head unit.

 This package includes a four channel amplifier to run four interior car speakers. Includes a dash mountable volume knob and a subwoofer pre-out for adding a subwoofer amplifier.

- Belkin iPad audio output with charging dongle
- 3.5mm to RCA cable 
- 12 volt Fast charger with female 12 volt cigarette lighter socket (to hide charger behind dash panel)
- Apple Lighting to USB cable (connects the Belkin dongle to the fast charger)
- Audio Control Matrix Plus with dash mount volume knob (for volume control)
- Audio Control four channel micro amp (this amp will power your interior speakers)

* Additional power wires, connectors and RCA cable will be needed for installation. Consult hardware manuals.
 - Matrix plus manual 
 - Micro amp manual 

 Cable lengths will depend on where you decide to mount the amplifier and volume control.
 The micro amp package is small enough to fit behind the dash of most vehicles, in place of the OEM stereo unit, or it can be mounted elsewhere. If your vehicle has an OEM amplifier, it may be best to mount to micro amp where the OEM amp is located.