How to install a Soundman iPad dash kit

This article will show how to install a Soundman iPad dash kit. Fabrication materials can be found on our Amazon Store here.

Step 1 - Trim your Soundman iPad kit to fit your dash panel.


Step 2 - Cut your dash panel and grind smooth.


Step 3 - Measure and tack the Soundman iPad kit into place with Gorilla gel CA glue and Zip Kick accelerator.

Step 4 - Bond along seems, front and rear, with JB Weld Plastic Bonder and mixing tip.

Step 5 - Thoroughly scuff entire surface, scuff all epoxy, blow clean with compressed air, then apply Fiberglass Bondo body filler along seems.

Step 6 - Sand smooth, blow clean, apply Pro Series Bondo body filler.


Step 7 -Sand smooth with 80 grit, then 120, 220, clean, then apply tack coat of TranStar 2 in 1 primer, wait 15 minutes, then apply wet coat. Let fully dry.


*Repeat steps 6 and 7 if you still see flaws in the surface. Body work until perfectly smooth. Fix small flaws and pin holes with Bondo glazing putty.

Step 8 - Sand with 400, clean, then apply tack coat of SEM Trim Black paint or your choice of colored SEM Interior paint, wait 15 minutes, then apply thin wet coat. Then apply light, wet coat of SEM Satin Clear coat to protect surface from scuffing.


Watch this video for kit assembly instructions and installation tips.

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