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Soundman SIDE SLIDER iPad CAR dash kit for iPad mini 1 to 5

Soundman SIDE SLIDER iPad CAR dash kit for iPad mini 1 to 5

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iPad car mount for custom applications. Soundman iPad dash kits are the number one choice among the car stereo industry's leading fabricators. 

Patented "push to undock" design with embedded magnetic strip. Made in California, USA

Fabrication is required to install this product. Refer to our installation guide at the bottom of this page, or see our GUIDE SECTION.

Installation service available! CONTACT US -
Custom sized, Android or other, tablet kits available upon request!

** Each kit is produced per order, we do not offer refunds or cancellations. Exchanges okay.
*** Please allow two weeks for your order to arrive. Email to check order status.

SIDE SLIDER Kit features:
- Fits iPad mini gen 1, 2, 3, 4 and iPad mini 5
- Injection molded iPad mount
- Ten neodymium magnets (assembly required, view how to video at the bottom of this page)
- Kit Assembly Required
- Patented "push to undock" design
- Notch for iPad dock connector or cable (wiring not included, see wiring section below)
- Black suede backing (to be glued in after fabrication and paint)

Quick reference guide

Materials needed for fabrication: (available from our Amazon store listed under fabrication materials)
- 90 degree USB-C dock connector or 180 degree USB-C to USB-A cable
- CA Glue and accelerator 
- Plastic bonder epoxy and mixing tips
- Fiberglass Bondo body filler
- Bondo Pro Series High Bond body filler
- Transtar 2in1 Primer
- Sandpaper 80 grit, 120 grit, 220 grit, 320 grit, 400 grit
- Your choice of color SEM automotive interior paint with SEM Satin clear coat
- 2k Glamour clear coat for gloss paint job

Wiring instructions:
You can use your iPad as a standalone "car stereo" or connect it to your OEM or aftermarket car stereo head unit via Bluetooth, USB or AUX in.

For installs using an OEM or aftermarket head unit, we recommend cutting an opening in the iPad kit so that the head unit/screen is accessible when the iPad is undocked from the kit, as pictured here. This allows you to retain factory features while adding the functionality of the iPad. 

For more info on wiring SEE OUR WIRING GUIDES HERE

For wireless applications:
Pair over Bluetooth and use a Soundman FLOAT MOUNT iPad dash kit for applications where space is tight and there's no room for a dock connector.

How to install a Soundman iPad dash kit:
STEP 1 - prep kit - Cut radio hole in kit if needed. Trim down the outer bezel of the kit, if needed.

STEP 2 - Attach kit to dash panel - Sand kit and dash panel with 120 grit sandpaper and attach the kit to the panel with CA glue. Then glue seams with Plastic Bonder epoxy. For flush mount applications, cut a hole in dash panel the size of the kit and glue. 

STEP 3 - Body work - Grind all epoxied seams and sand entire panel with 320 grit. Apply Fiberglass Bondo on all seams and over large gaps. Sand to shape with 80 grit. Blow off dust with compressed air then apply Bondo Pro Series filler. Sand smooth with 120 and step up to 320. Apply more filler to imperfections as needed. Then Primer with Transtar 2in1 primer. 

STEP 4 - Paint - Sand to perfection with 400 grit sandpaper. Apply more body filler and primer if needed to fix any small pinholes or flaws. Apply SEM paint to sanded surface using a light tack coat, then one wet coat. Let paint set for three minutes then apply SEM Satin clear coat, one very light, semi-wet coat. Avoid a wet coat with the satin clear. 
STEP 5 - Install and wire! See "wiring instructions" above or view our GUIDE SECTION

Watch the video below for kit assembly and installation instructions.

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